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Transform Your

Amazon Advertising

Take your Amazon campaigns to the next level with sophisticated technology and custom strategies.

Best-in-Class Technology

Built for Amazon Ads

Our in-house Amazon technology is designed to maximize your profit. From automated bidding to data analysis: as API developers for years, infinite Commerce has it all.

You’ll grow profit with our automated Amazon PPC bidding. This technology incorporates your real-time margin data, commission costs, and seller fees for extremely precise bids that make the most of every dollar.

Your accounts will grow year after year, driven by bold strategies, expert problem-solving, and technology designed specifically for Amazon.

Industry-Leading Technology

Data-driven strategy, real-time margin bidding tools, and ERP system integratio

Bold Amazon Campaigns

Profit-driven campaigns proven to grow your sales while preserving your bottom line.

Automation + Experts

Sophisticated automated bidding and more, overseen by expert problem-solvers.


We manage your Amazon Advertising campaigns using strategies that drive profit and technology that goes beyond Amazon’s reporting. Your account management includes:

Products Ads

With fully automated bidding that factors in cost of goods, commission and seller fees, your Sponsored Products Ads will be profitable like never before.

Historical Data

We empower your analyst with the campaign performance data needed for profitable decision-making.

Brands Ads

Whether your goals are maximizing new customers or LTV, our sophisticated automated bidding grows your brand without sacrificing your profit.


We aren’t limited by Amazon’s 60-90 day reporting windows, so your analyst can run specialized analyses including extended KPI reporting and gap analyses.

Real-Time ERP

We integrate with common ERP systems for real-time data sharing, which lets us include new products in campaigns, update margin availability, and more.

Limit Wasted
Ad Spend

Our Amazon technology is built to reallocate spend from under-performing items and build campaigns based on your seasonality, performance and more.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

Sophisticated automated tools and expert analysts unite to take your Sponsored Products Ads to a whole new level. Our fully automated bidding technology factors in the most important costs for Amazon sellers: cost of goods, commission, seller fees. We account for these costs on the product level across your entire inventory for precise, profitable bidding.

Our tools integrate with your ERP system in real-time, ensuring your campaigns are always structured using up-to-date margin availability. On top of that, your analyst will perform sophisticated analyses that are not possible with Amazon’s reporting limitations. (This includes seasonality and gap analyses not available on Amazon!)

Amazon Sponsored
Brands Ads

Grow your brand—and your profit!—with Sponsored Brands Ads. Whether your goals are to scale on Amazon, grow brand awareness, or something else entirely—we’ll help you achieve them using Sponsored Brand Ads.

You’ll have access to metrics like new-to-brand beyond the Amazon reporting window. Combined with analyst expertise and our advanced automated bidding tools, you’ll grow profit like never before.

Amazon Strategies

We’re profit-driven, and our Amazon technology was built to help us maximize your profit.

Our bidding technology factors in costs that are most important to Amazon sellers like you, including the cost of goods, commission, and seller fees. Using our automated bidding tool, we maximize your profit potential by reallocating spend from under-performing items to items that are driving profit. This guarantees your top products have the spend they need to do their best.

Finally, we build Amazon campaigns based on your products’ seasonality, performance and more to maximize the efficiency of your Amazon ads.

Let’s grow
your business,
And your profit

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