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Make Facebook adverstising

More than just a way for people to keep up with family, friends, the news, Facebook has quickly become an important marketing platform. With 79% of Americans using Facebook, there is a significant opportunity to capture the attention of people who are more likely to engage with your brand. At infinite Commerce, we provide professional-level social media marketing and we have seen the impact that Facebook marketing can have for businesses across various industries. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we also work closely with Facebook to improve the performance of ad campaigns for companies like yours.

Types of Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers two types of content options: organic and paid. Organic posts don’t cost any money to publish, but their reach is much more limited. However, paid advertisements allow you to target specific audiences with your posts, a seriously valuable piece of any digital marketing strategy.

Facebook offers many different types of advertising options so you can choose which type of ad best fits your current promotion.

  • Photo ads: Include an eye-catching image, along with text, a headline, link, and a call to action button, such as “Learn more” or “Shop now.”
  • Video ads: Showcase a short video or up to 240 minutes of engaging content that will start playing directly in the news feed.
  • Carousel ads: Include up to 10 photos or videos in one post, allowing users to swipe through to learn more.
  • Canvas ads: Create a highly interactive ad for mobile users that can include multiple forms of content, such as images, videos, infographics, and more.

infinite Commerce Strategies

Give your e-commerce business a top-of-funnel jump start. Our paid social management is designed to grow incremental revenue alongside your ecommerce efforts. Paid social works best as a supplement to your existing campaigns, with more advanced targeting and ads that meet customers while they scroll. With a profitable paid social program, you’ll generate a lot of top-of-funnel buzz around your business.

You’ll get your brand noticed. We use a variety of the most effective ad formats for ecommerce businesses, including Facebook Carousel Ads, Promoted and Buyable Pins on Pinterest, and Dynamic Product Ads. Your potential customers are out there, it’s time to reach them and start growing your business.

Campaigns Designed
Around Your Goals

Your business goals are unique and your paid social strategies should be unique too. Whether you want to generate leads, drive traffic, increase subscriptions, or grow ecommerce sales—your analyst will craft a unique strategy to aggressively target those goals—all while maximizing your profit.

Our bidding strategies are also tailored to your business. Using our automated bidding system, account for the costs that matter most to your business including Cost of Goods, shipping, Merchandise Return Rate, and anything else that impacts your bottom line! This bidding strategy ensures we drive spend to the ad groups and campaigns that matter the most.

Transparent Multi-
Touch Attribution

No more mysteries. No more guessing. We take the time to evaluate and extract the truth from your paid social reporting. Paid social ads can waste a lot of spend if you aren’t careful because these platforms often exaggerate their own performance through excessively generous attribution models. This leads to overspending on orders that you would have already acquired without the help of your paid social ads.

Stop paying for sales you’ve already won. Our multi-touch approach to paid social advertising gives you the full picture of your ads’ performance. We report on at least two attribution models, giving you two sides of the story—and showing your campaign’s contribution to your overall business performance.

Let’s grow
your business,
And your profit

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