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Google Shopping Program

Get the most out of your ad dollars with strategies crafted to maximize your campaigns’ efficiency. You will never have to worry about wasting ad dollars with infinite Commerce. Our Google Shopping strategies are designed specifically to eliminate overspending by finding your absolute optimal level of ad spend.

We start by unlocking the full potential of your product feed by eliminating small errors that snowball into costly mistakes for you down the road. Next, we target ad spend to your most valuable search terms. Using a 3-Tiered approach, our analysts segment your campaigns’ historical search queries so you bid the most for customers who are ready to buy. Finally, our automated bid management tools automatically adjust bids to an optimal level on an ongoing basis for continuous profit growth – even years after launch.

Maximize efficiency and grow your Google Shopping campaigns—simply reach out to get the ball rolling.

Optimize Your Product Feed

Your shopping feed, optimized: from missing fields to improved product titles.

Target Valuable
Search Terms

Your shopping feed, optimized: from missing fields to improved product titles.

Drive Profit with Automated Bids

Your shopping feed, optimized: from missing fields to improved product titles.


Improve your Google Shopping campaigns with our best-in-class strategies and technology—you’ll grow profit like never before. Our Google Shopping program includes:


We look for your most profitable times of the year, month, and day and incorporate that into your bidding so you spend the most when you’re most likely to get a sale.


Segment your products by more than just categories. We segment by margin to maximize profitability, ensuring each ad group is bid to the level of available margin.

Adapt to
Your Goals

No matter your goal, we’ll help you reach it. In addition to driving profit, our flexible approach adapts to maximize new customers, increase lifetime value, or meet other unique business needs.


An organized feed is the foundation of successful Google Shopping campaigns. We start by auditing your feed, ensuring no data is mismatched or missing, and eliminating costly errors.

No Wasted
Ad Spend

We identify terms in your account that aren’t likely to convert using an Ngram analysis, and use those terms to segment queries. This limits wasted spend to low-value terms.


Your tailored agency experience doesn’t stop with our strategies. We’ll provide you with sophisticated KPI reporting using real-time data, so you can view the same data we use to manage your account.

Best-in-Class Product Feed Management

Only engineers build bridges. There’s a reason: small mistakes in construction can be costly and dangerous. The same is true for your Google Shopping product feed. Missing attributes and mismatched data quickly escalate to bigger problems down the road (like wasted ad spend) – but you can avoid the headache.

Every feed we manage undergoes a rigorous audit, so your campaigns can benefit from maximum data quality – and so you can establish a solid foundation for your account. After your feed goes through our six-step optimization process, we constantly monitor your feed for errors and fix them ASAP.


Next, we segment your products into campaigns in a way that is unique to you. Multiple aspects of your business are considered in this process including seasonality, product performance, margin, and even custom metrics like the cost of goods.

We start by identifying your most valuable search terms by running an in-depth n-gram analysis. Using those terms, we develop a robust campaign structure for you that drives spend to your most profitable queries while limiting dollars spent on unqualified searches.

Bidding That Maximizes
Your Profit

Being a profit-driven Google Shopping agency means we put your profit first. Our industry-leading bidding tools are no exception.

We include your costs like the cost of goods, variable overhead, and more with our automated bidding technology. Accounting for these costs ensures that your campaigns are always bid at your most efficient level—never spending more than you need to maximize profit. Paired with timely increases and adjustments, your bids will perform ahead of the pack during peak seasons.

We also use real-time margin updates so your program can benefit from the most up-to-date cost and performance data. This flexible approach adapts to maximize new customers, increase lifetime value, or meet other unique business needs.

Let’s grow
your business,
And your profit

Reach out today for a free, customized analysis of your account to see how much more profit you could make with infinite Commerce .

From there, you can decide if infinite Commerce is right for your business. You’re not locked in to anything when you fill out this form—other than free information to help you grow your business


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